Who We Are

With more than a decade of experience, Go Trenchless Zone provides innovative, smart, and robust solutions to contractors, municipalities, and plumbers working in the NO-DIG Water Management and Infrastructure Rehabilitation industry.

No-Dig technologies requires few or no continuous trenches for subsurface construction work. With cutting-edge, high-tech products, we enable contractors/plumbers from all around North America to provide the best services to their customers. Go Trenchless Zone makes sure we provide high-quality materials and equipment, allowing the users to work with ease in the No-Dig trenchless pipe repair industry.

Our experienced staff work day and night to ensure our products are of the highest-quality. We believe in integrity, dignity, and transparency in all our dealings, and we promise to never compromise on products, equipment, and other accessory offering. From Manhole Rehab Products, lateral inspection equipment. Lining materials, sewer spot repair systems to custom vehicle build-outs and up-fits, we have got it all; contact us today and get the best service and support.