Easy Patch Point Repair Solution


Easy Patch from Go Trenchless Zone is an excellent solution for most issues present in deteriorating pipes. Used as a stand-alone product, Easy Patch provided structural repairs prolonging the lifespan of pipes without digging up property and roads. Use to repair off set joints, pipes with separations and other issues. It can also be used to close out of service laterals . Utilizing our specialty packers provided easy repairs in lateral pipes with bends as well as mainline and culvert pipes. Also to add extensions to storm water culverts.

Easy Patch is available for quick-ship in diameters 3” to 15” in both 24” and 48” wide patches.
Since Go Trenchless is the manufacturer we can ship quickly all sizes including custom patches.

Product use areas
Residential * Municipal * Wastewater * Building

Easy Patch from Go Trenchless Zone is designed to be hassle free: easy to install and comes complete with all needed for 1 point repair. Easy to follow instruction guides to provide end users with confidence. Go Trenchless Zone also offers ample training to help ensure your crew’s success on every repair. Convenient packaged making preparation time, install and clean up hassle-free. Resin is mixed in its packaging, then spread with a spatula to saturate the mat. One package with needed contents to install one Easy Patch.


ASTM D790 and D638 Approved