Prime Flex 920 hydrophobic polyurethane injection resin


Prime Flex 920 is a single-component polyurethane injection resin used to seal gushing leaks, including wide gaps, in concrete where the structure is not subject to movement. This hydrophobic, super low viscosity polyurethane reacts with water and expands to form a closed cell, watertight, rigid foam. Due to its low viscosity, 920 is also used for permeation grouting of loose soils to consolidate soil particles and increase the load-bearing capacity. (For high strength or large void filling, see Prime Flex 985.) This material requires the use of Prime Kat or Kick Fast Kat to adjust the reaction time from 4-13 seconds. (See Material Preparation below.)

Recommended Uses:
Injection of gushing water leaks in below-grade structures
Injection of loose soils for stabilization
Curtain grouting manholes, pipe joints, tunnels, etc.
Point grouting

Typical Areas of Use:
Sealing leaks and wide gaps in concrete. Examples:– Box culverts, tunnels (subway, water, utility, etc.)– Manholes, sanitary and storm pipes/structures
Curtain grouting below-grade structures. Examples:– Parking decks– Manholes– Foundations and basements
Permeation grouting for soil stabilization. Examples:– Roads and highways– Seawalls and retaining walls– Sinkhole perimeters (not filling the sinkhole—see 985)

5 gallon pails
50 gallon drums
250 gallon unit in 275 gallon tote
10:1 Quick Mix cartridges (case of 6 with Kick Fast catalyst)