Prime Flex Hydro Gel™ SX polyurethane resin


Prime Flex Hydro Gel™ SX is a versatile, easy-to-use single-component, water activated, hydrophilic polyurethane injection resin for sealing actively leaking joints and cracks in below-grade concrete structures. It forms either a closed cell, watertight foam or impermeable gel depending on the water to resin mix ratio. Cured material remains flexible and has excellent adhesion. It can also be used for soil binding for slough control.

Recommended Uses:
Crack injection to seal leaks, particularly structures subject to movement or vibration
Curtain grouting manholes to seal cracks and pipe penetrations
Soil binding for slough control and sidewall support

Typical Areas of Use:
Sanitary sewers
Below-grade concrete walls
Elevator service pits
Utility vaults
Excavation pits
Tunneling launch pits

• Certified for contact with potable water
• Low viscosity yields quicker reaction and superior mix, especially in cold water
• Forms flexible foam or gel with excellent adhesion
• Versatile and easy to use; seals tight or wide cracks
• High elongation allows for thermal or structural movement
• Can be used with oakum to seal wide gaps
• Non-flammable, non-corrosive
• Available in convenient cartridges. Quick Mix cartridge jump starts the reaction; ideal for cold water applications.
• Can be used underwater

5 gallon pails
10 oz. Single Shot cartridge (case of 20)