The Mainstay Composite Liner


The Mainstay® Composite Liner is a manhole rehabilitation system consisting of a high strength restoration mortar (typically Mainstay ML-72) and an epoxy corrosion barrier coating (typically Mainstay DS-5) that cure simultaneously to repair and protect brick and concrete manholes, lift stations, wet wells, and other sanitary sewer structures. The mortar is first shot onto a new or deteriorated substrate, and an epoxy topcoat is then immediately applied while the mortar is still soft. The concurrent application of these materials creates a monolithic surface that cures into a strong, highly corrosion resistant, and continuous manhole lining, free of pinholes, holidays, and voids. The mortar and topcoat are tightly bonded not only to the substrate but also to each other.

Recommended For:
Manhole rehabilitation
Lift station restoration
Wet well repair
Wastewater treatment plant headworks
Sewer pipe
Paper mills
Chemical processing plants