The Crap Shooter 3 HD


With The Crap Shooter III HD, we were able to find that sweet spot between portability and packing a punch! The CSIII HD represents the strongest portable jetter in our HD lineup at a brute 2,500PSI (1.8GPM).
Worry not however about the overall versatility of the jetter with the added muscle. With a draw of 13 amps, you’ll have no issue with residential service calls as a common 15 amp circuit will allow the CSIII HD to maintain max pressure. Safety is still a primary goal of ours which is why we also include a power supply cord with GFCI.
To prepare you for serious “Crap Shooting”, we include a 75ft high pressure hose with quick connect fittings. For the dirty work, we include two of our most popular nozzles, the Flusher and the Thruster. Our nozzles are specifically designed to enhance the performance and versatility of the Crap Shooter III HD, allowing you to service up to 4″ pipe. Lastly, you will receive a 25ft extending supply hose along with two supply adapters; one for a common water spigot and a clamping connector that enables utilization on multiple types of faucets.
All included fixtures and hoses are rated up to 120 degree water temperatures. To top everything off, the unit is housed in our heavy duty case with carry handle which allows easy transport and storage of the CS III HD.
“There’s only enough room for one in those pipes…The Crapshooter III HD will make sure you’re the last one standing!”


2500psi 1.8GPM Power Unit
Draws 13amps on 110v circuit
25 ft power cord with 2prong GFCI plug
2 Jetter Nozzles (Flusher & Thruster)
2 Faucet Adapters
75 ft High Pressure Jetter Hose
25 ft X-Hose 11 ii
20″ x 16″ x 9″ / 29lbs

Additional information:

Weight: 29 kg

Dimensions: 20 × 16 × 9 cm