The Original Crap Shooter


The One! The Only! The Original Crap Shooter!
The one that started it all. The Original Crap Shooter is still one of the favorites for those seeking a powerful jetter with a compact form factor.
The Crap Shooter is equipped with 1500PSI of pipe cleaning power. The “little jetter that could” is ideal for those smaller jobs and residential calls. With only an 11amp draw at full pressure, the Crap Shooter will run on a common 15amp circuit. The Original Crap Shooter includes an integrated GFCI so you can focus on the job at hand and be safe while you’re doing it.
Included is a 50′ high pressure hose with quick connect fittings. For the dirty work, we include two of our most popular nozzles, the Flusher and the Thruster. Our nozzles are specifically selected to enhance the performance and versatility of The Crap Shooter. allowing you to service up to 3″ pipe. Lastly, you will receive a 25ft extending supply hose along with two supply adapters; one for a common water spigot and one with a clamping connector that enables utilization on multiple types of faucets.
All included fixtures and hoses are rated up to 120 degree water temperatures. Housed in a lightweight carry case with integrated ports for water supply and compressed output.

1500psi 1.65GPM Power Unit
Draws 11amps on 110v circuit
25 ft power cord with 2prong GFCI plug
2 Jetter Nozzles (Flusher & Thruster)
2 Faucet Adapters
50 ft High Pressure Jetter Hose
25 ft X-Hose
19″ x 13″ x 9″ / 27lbs

Additional information:

Weight: 27 kg

Dimensions: 19 × 13 × 9 cm